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From time to time, we receive letters from our clients regarding the benefits they have received from the POS+ and POS+ software products. Here are some of the more recent testimonials:

I have been supporting the QuickBooks system for some time, and have been recommending POS+ for several years now in order to accommodate my clients' point of sale needs. I am pleased to say that while we have grown, POS+ has grown with us.

I'm writing today to express my satisfaction with your POS+ program. Recently, one of my biggest clients was working on his bi-annual inventory, and I demonstrated the POS+ program to him. He quickly decided to purchase it, and the entire inventory was updated within 2 days in QuickBooks. This compares with the 7 days his inventories had previously taken. Amazing, to say the least!!

My client is thrilled with the product, and I have already successfully adapted it to a number of my other clients. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

Ken Silberstein
President, Power Up!!! Group, York, PA
QuickBooks Professional Advisor

Thank you for POS+ Retail! No longer do I have to spend hours every month entering sales detailed from my old line cash registers. By changing to POS+, those saved hours are really adding up! My bar and pro shop are all running more efficiently, and I've been able to take great advantage of the customer account features. Also, thank you for the support during setup. You helped me get my system going quicker than I would've hoped.

Mark R. Miller
President, Richland Greens Golf Center, Inc.

Dear Support,
Our recent difficulties exporting an inventory file to POS+ was addressed extremely quickly by your technician, and the help was very much appreciated. I like the fact that you didn't give up until the program was working again! Your support deserves five stars out of five!


Zoltan Szasz
IT Services Ltd. Nassau, Bahamas

My compliments to you and your staff on the POS+ point of sale program. Our company has used this program for eight months now, and it has proven to be a superb point of sale interface for Quickbooks. I have to note that this holiday season we were able to easily network a second computer to run POS+, and completed the task in only one hour. As well, training my staff for closing has been a breeze, and has allowed the total closing procedure to be completed within 20 minutes. Thanks very much for your support, and we look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Thomas G. Delaney
The Oakland Raiders

Using POS+ to integrate our point of sale with QuickBooks has solved a lot of accounting problems we were experiencing repeatedly. You responded quickly and effectively to several of our customization needs, and I thank you for that. We would be hard pressed to live without the POS+ point of sale software today.


Suzie Buchmyer
Buchmyer's Pools, Inc.

The POS+ system was very easy to learn and technical support has been top notch.

Thanks again,
Carmen Amador
All Drivers Insurance

We have been quite pleased with the operation of POS+. The software and hardware you provided us with have been easy to install, and more importantly, very easy to use. When I did have questions, your customer service was excellent. Your team has helped us catch up with the times, and the fortunate side-effect of this is that our business has actually increased.


Matthew J. Merhaut
A. T. Merhaut, Inc.

We have been using the POS+ point of sale software for quite a while now, and have found it very user friendly. Updates to our QuickBooks system have been very quick and easy. We've also saved lots of time that we used to spend updating things manually and keeping our inventory controlled. I consider it a great product overall.

Kathy Sitzman
Decorator Plus, Inc.

I just wanted to let you know how happy my employees and I have been with both your products, and your services. The POS+ system has been a top-line point of sale solution for accuracy and reliability. I say this with some experience, as it is the third system I have used in as many years. Truly nothing compares in terms of ease of setup, use, and compatibility with QuickBooks. Updates and import and export functions have been extremely easy to use. We have also been able to manage our inventory and costs more accurately than ever before.

My final thanks goes to you for your on-time technical support which has been far superior to other vendors. Thanks again.

Ty M. Bittner
The Mabbettsville Market

I service a number of clients, and many of them have come to me looking for a point of sale product to integrate with their QuickBooks® accounting system. After completing some research, I discovered the POS+ point of sale system. Your staff helpfully guided me and my clients through the setup and training process. The result has been that my clients are now quickly processing their sales through their digital cash register environments. We are all extremely pleased with the results, and agree that the POS+ Retail system is the best we've seen.

Lynn K. Howell, CPA
Howell & Associates, P.C.

POS+ is a great software program, and the service is exemplary. The system is easy to train on, easy to use and is a great time saver.

Mark Walsh
Television Marketing Programs, Inc.

POS+ is extremely user friendly. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family without hesitation.

Lee Lerman
Francis Jerome Ltd.

Your customer service has been completely outstanding! Any problems I have had have been investigated and corrected very quickly. Thank you for being so patient!!

Teri Rowe
The Christmas & Pool Shop

To the Management,
I am writing to tell you of my experience with POS+ point of sale. The program has been easy to use, and thus far has been more than adequate for our needs. It has been quite simple to enter our retail and service items through QuickBooks and onto POS+. I also like the fact that we can expand our items with ease, and that the system can easily handle new services. We were looking for a POS software that was compatible with our QuickBooks system and POS+ has been perfect. We truly love the system!!

Elissa Breitbard
Betty's Bath & Day Spa, LLC

If you would like to contribute a testimonial as to how POS+ helped your company, please contact us here.


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