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Retail Systems

Throughout our numerous years in the point of sale business, we've found that there is really no such thing as a "typical system". We see each of our customers as an entirely new opportunity to maximize efficiencies and better define the benefits of our products.

This is why we always encourage new retailers or those seeking to improve their systems to contact us directly. Our sales staff is here offer you advice on not only the hardware, but the software that your retail application requires. In fact, our staff's product knowledge and experience in the point of sale arena is one of the key reasons why our company has been around since 1965.

Our Software

POS+ is North America's leading Windows based point of sale software solution. With seamless integration with QuickBooks, BusinessWorks and Peachtree accounting softwares, retailers benefit from an easy to learn system which enables you to enter transaction data directly, without duplication of features.

POS+ point of sale is structured to work exactly like a conventional cash register. What this means is that users can collect sales and transaction data using either a scanner, touch screen or through manual item code entry. As well, at the end of each day, your accounting software is updated automatically, with all pertinent details, including:

1. A single complete sales summary for all cash transactions which have no customer details applied to them.

2. Individual, detailed sales receipts for all cash transactions which had customer information included.

3. Individual detailed invoices for all customer account transactions (Accounts Receivables) taken during the day.

Once your transactions are posted from the POS+ system to your accounting software the following actions are performed:

  • Individual item totals are updated according to what was sold, and the amount the items were sold for.
  • Inventory quantities are adjusted for each item sold compared with each item left on hand.
  • All sales and customer accounts are updated.
  • Payments collected at point of sale (as cash) are posted to undeposited funds.

POS+ simply and effectively posts and processes sales to your financial software as if you were making the entries yourself. Data is entered automatically and completely, so that you do not have to re-enter anything.

We encourage you to contact us today to find out more about the A & A Cash Registers & Point Of Sale difference!

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