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Restaurant Systems

Our Restaurant Systems have been helping entrepreneurs control inventory, lower margins and gain better control of their organizations for some time. And while each individual business may be different, our Restaurant systems are customizable for everything from single station to multi-register and multi-store environments.

Some of the many features of our systems include:

Restaurant Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Touch Screen Invoicing
  • 32-Bit Interface for Faster Processing
  • Year 2000 Compliant
  • Separate Department and Item Selection
  • Automatic Server and Table Number Prompting
  • Automatic Party Size Prompting
  • Automatic Tipping Feature
  • Modifier Items Prompting
  • Line Discount Option
  • Multiple Quantity Option
  • Passwords on Voided or Discounted Sales
  • Exportable Report Information
  • Unlimited Department, Item and Modifier Content
  • User Definable Menus
  • Handles Unlimited Multiple Remote Printers
  • Dining Room Table Management
  • Phone Order Processing
  • Kitchen Order Printing
  • Detailed Customer History
  • Detailed Sales History
  • Stores Old Invoices
  • Puts Invoices on Hold
  • Purchase Orders
  • Detailed Order History
  • Ability to Recall Reports from Any Given Day

Inventory Features

    Multiple Inventory Types

    • Standard
    • Service
    • Matrix (apparel)
    • Serialized
    • Kit
    • Weight (tare, actual)

    Inventory Control

    • Track Standard (product) Inventory
    • Track Matrix Inventory
    • Track Kit Inventory
    • Track Service Items
    • Generate Purchase Orders
    • Receive Shipment
    • Print Bar Code Labels
    • Process External File

Pricing Features

  • Mix & Match
  • Lot Pricing (single, 6-pack, case, etc.)
  • Default-able Price Levels per Customer
  • Discount From Retail
  • Markup from Cost
  • Profit Margin
  • Multiple Sales Tax Rate Tables

Security Features

  • Log On Password
  • Password assignable action control
  • Change Price at Point of Sale
  • Change Tax Amount at Point of Sale
  • Allow No Sales (open drawer)
  • Allow Pay Outs
  • Hold Transaction (suspending or stacking)
  • Blind Closeout
  • View Sales Journal
  • Sign-on before each transaction
  • Multiple Assignable Cash Drawer Support
  • Deadbeat Control for Bad Checks
  • Offsite Database Backup through E-Mail

Reporting Features

  • Number of People Served
  • Server Tips

Customer Reporting

  • Customer List
  • Customer Balance Statement
  • Customer Mailing Labels

Daily Reporting

  • Daily Sales Summary
  • Daily Gross Profits
  • Daily Tax Collected

Detailed Reporting

  • Detailed Sales
  • Detailed Tax Collected
  • Detailed Invoice Totals
  • Detailed Invoice Totals By Customer
  • Detailed Invoice Totals By Payment Method
  • Employee Hours And Wages

Grand Total Reporting

  • Grand Totals By Date
  • Grand Totals By Cashier
  • Grand Totals By Department
  • Grand Totals By Item
  • Grand Totals By Tax Exempt Sales

Inventory Reporting

  • Alphabetical
  • Numerical
  • Reorder
  • Matrix Quantity
  • Daily Itemized Sales
  • Daily Sales by Dept
  • Sales Summary
  • Serial Number Sales
  • Customer Sales History
  • Customer Purchases Per Item
  • Departments
  • Department/Inv Specific
  • Items by Vendor
  • Vendors
  • Display Current Value
  • Current Items
  • Commission Through Grand Totals By Cashier

Rental Features

  • Late Rentals
  • Rentals In Store
  • Currently Rented
  • Rental History

Customer Features

  • Search By Name
  • Search by Zip Code
  • Search By Customer #
  • Print Mailing List
  • Purchase Tracking (Date & Amount)


  • Integrated QuickBooks Module, (QuickBooks Optional)
  • Pass Through of Gross Sales
  • Pass Through of Un-deposited Sales
  • Pass Through of Sales Tax
  • General Ledger Through Quickbooks
  • Accounts Receivable Through Quickbooks
  • Accounts Payable Through Quickbooks
  • Payroll Through Quickbooks

Employee Management

  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Time Clock In & Out
  • Labor Hours and Gross Pay Reporting
  • Wage Calculator
  • Work Scheduling Calendar

Event Scheduling Features

  • Schedule Events
  • Schedule Customer appointments

Internet Tools

  • Import, Export & Email

We encourage you to contact us today to find out more about the A & A Cash Registers & Point Of Sale difference!

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