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The POS+ Point Of Sale Interface

With the POS+ point of sale software system, ease of use, simple installation and seamless integration are the key benefits. Designed specifically to integrate with QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks, this system offers a feature rich platform, without the learning curve that comes with most competing point of sale packages.

In effect, the POS+ Retail point of sale system allows your accounting software to do accounting and inventory management functions. There is no need to learn any new, complicated procedures for use. There is also no need to disable any of the functions native to your current accounting system, because POS+ is designed to take advantage of these features.

Bottom line, what POS+ does is read your existing inventory within your accounting system, and at the end of the day, updates the sales and inventory directly. No need to re-enter any items. Your accounting system is completely updated.

It's the most simple, efficient point of sale system available today.

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