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POS+ Inventory Control

By-hand inventory counts can be time consuming, sap resources and even force you to close during critical retailing hours. With POS+ Inventory control, however, QuickBooks users can create new efficiencies and save hours on inventory counts.

POS+ Inventory Control Software for Quickbooks

POS+ enables users to adjust either entire or partial inventory counts within QuickBooks with the aid of a typical handheld portable scanner. The system is simple to use. Counting inventory requires you to:

  • Scan physical inventory using a portable scanner
  • Start the POS+ Inventory program, and compare your physical count against the QuickBooks count, and decide which items you would prefer to be updated.

POS+ automatically generates an IIF file (which works in conjunction with QuickBooks) that will adjust inventory counts on all of the items you specify must be adjustment. This adjustment updates all on-hand counts for specific items, and then updates your adjustment account. It's that easy.

POS+ Inventory will automatically generate a file (of type *.iif) that will adjust the inventory count on all the items selected for adjustment.

Basically, POS+ quickly processes and posts inventory adjustments to your QuickBooks system. No need to re-enter any details. Your inventory can be completed up to 50% faster than normal.

Purchase a full license of POS+ Inventory for only $545. A single year's inventory pays for the software immediately.

Minimum System Requirements
IBM-compatible PC
266MHZ Pentium Class CPU or above
64MB RAM (128MB RAM recommended)
Microsoft Windows 98 or above.

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