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The Benefits of Digital POS and Computerized Cash Registers

Decisively track your inventory on a simple PC!A Digital Point of Sale system, featuring a computerized cash register, can do much more than simply replace your old fashioned cash register. While a simple Cash Register has a single purpose, that being to tell you how much money your business has taken in during the day, a Digital Point of Sale System from A&A Cash Registers & Point Of Sale can tell you much more. It can breakdown your profit number, itemize your inventory and tell you exactly how much cash you have in your cash drawer.

Theft Reduction
By computerizing, you can reduce theft in your business by upwards of 2 ½%. An average small business selling $500,000 per year can reduce in-store theft by an average of $12,500. How? Your employees become more involved in watching the store inventory when they know that every piece of inventory in your business is being monitored.

Inventory can be kept in check easily for any industry: from Dry Cleaning to Retail Specialty.Reduce Inventory Shrinkage
By watching your inventory and comparing on shelf inventory to your computerized reports, both you and your employees are much more careful about giving away inventory, retaining obsolete inventory, monitoring breakage and non-theft inventory that "walks" out of your business, as well as checking inventory as the items enter your store. You can reduce inventory shrinkage by up to another 2 ½% by computerizing.

Reduce Or Increase Your Inventory
By watching your inventory reports, you can ensure that you order more wisely. Just as you do not need 100 pairs of winter boots on the shelf in the summer, you similarly may need more batteries. Digital Point Of Sale can provide you with this itemized information for better efficiency.

With a computerized cash register system, every item in your store has a price associated with it. Never again will you have to figure out how much a specific item sells for. The guesswork is gone.

Speed Up Customer Checkout Lower transaction times save both you and your customers time and money.
Computerizing speeds up your customer checkout. With a barcode scanner, you can checkout a customer in half the time required with a cash register. Even if you don't use a barcode scanner, your checkout is still faster and more accurate because you are entering inventory item numbers which are automatically tied to pricing specified in your accounting program for each inventory item.

We encourage you to contact us about your Cash Register and Point of Sale needs today. Our knowledgeable sales staff are always pleased to handle any inquiries.

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