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About A&A Cash Registers & Point Of Sale

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A&A Cash Registers & Point Of Sale (AACRPOS) is a privately held national cash register and point of sale distributor. Our key product is POS+, a point of sale software program which integrates seamlessly into all versions of QuickBooks, BusinessWorks and Peachtree.

Product History
As a developer with over 20 years of experience with point of sale and accounting software, our principals noticed in the mid-1990s that while the market for accounting software was quickly consolidating, and that their main market, namely small retailers, were gravitating to the major players in the industry - QuickBooks, BusinessWorks and Peachtree. Despite this consolidation, these major players had all failed to properly address the point of sale market, leaving and opening for Attitude POSitive. The company sharpened its focus to point of sale software and systems solely, and POS+ Point Of Sale was born.

A&A is a leading developer of point of sale software which interfaces with the US market's most popular accounting programs. Because of the large user base of QuickBooks, Peachtree and BusinessWorks, and the fact that most small retailers work countless hours and have little time to learn new software packages, Attitude POSitive created POS+ to work specifically with these accounting software packages. As well, as the three "heavyweights" of the industry, they offer superb support and a large number of professional consultants throughout the United States. The result has been a perfect fit for our customers.

Ease Of Use - The Key Benefit
POS+ has quickly become the industry's fastest and most simple point of sale software available, with a true accounting software interface. We also offer AccuPrint, a module for remote printing, as well as our inventory program, a superb tool which adds numerous efficiencies to the normally arduous task of physical inventory counts.

To download a demonstration copy of our software, click here.
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